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IHS is a monogram, often stylized with a cross in the ‘H’, a nomen sacrum used since the Middle Ages in figurative art. It turned into a tattoo for the Crusader knights and evolved as a real logo throughout the Renaissance figurative art. Today the monogram becomes a brand, with a collection made up of strong contents, strategically reinterpreted according to new trends and new rules of streetwear. It is a strong contemporary artistic/communicative resource.
The product is entirely made in Italy, created by Cool Farm creative and manufacturing team, a leading company in the sector. The brand debuted with F/W 19-20, with a genderless collection. Flames, cross and special claims (Burn in the flames of sinners) are the iconic codes of the label.
Cool Farm is an italian company established in the international fashion scene on 2014, as a creative and productive factory, composed by an internal team with consolidated creative and manufacturing skills, integrated with advanced know-how on graphic design, strategic marketing and communication. Cool Farm is now a fashion company, rooted in the Tuscan fashion district, where all the collections of the brands in portfolio are produced. The company own four brands, all of them with a strong identity. Cool Farm has an integrated internal team and collaborates with the best companies in the Tuscan fashion district. The company also takes care of design and product development for other brands, creating samples and productions with the best Italian manufacturers.